Monday, 10 December 2012

Win a copy of Escape from Dead City on Goodreads

Here's the chance to win a copy of my novel, Escape from Dead City. London is falling. An unknown virus races through the city, killing its victims and reanimating them into mindless beasts with an insatiable hunger for human flesh. As the army fights, and fails, to control order, two sisters and their partners realise that their only hope for survival lies in leaving the city. They learn of one last train heading for the coast, one last chance to escape before the city is consumed. No matter the dangers out on the streets they need to get aboard. But this is no ordinary train, the army will protect it and its mysterious passengers at all costs. Set in real time, Escape from Dead City follows the first 24 hours of the outbreak, the secrets and lies, loyalty, trust and sacrifice.


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        Escape from Dead City by John McCuaig



          Escape from Dead City


          by John McCuaig


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